Submersible Sensor For Hydrostatic Level Measurement And Ultrasonic Sensor

Among the types of continuous water level sensors, the hydrostatic pressure continuous level sensor has the lowest cost and is quite easy to install and use. Continuous water level sensor by hydrostatic pressure method has the same principle as differential pressure water level sensor. There is a slight difference that the sensor body is dropped … Read more

Solutions Measurement Pressure Control

The air compressor is responsible for sucking the air out of the environment and then compressing it and putting it into the storage tanks and transmitting it to the places where it needs to be used, such as cleaning dust, operating mechanism-moving like a robot or sources of control for screw-drivers,… During operation, we need … Read more

Solution MeasurePressure Control in Hydraulics

  What is hydraulic system?Is a form of transmission by hydraulic oil acting on actuators such as cylinders, hydraulic motors or one-way opening and closing valves, etc. Where is the application?Almost all applications in light industry as well as heavy industry or in marine, petroleum, robotics, agricultural machinery… Advantages ? Precise controllability Start with high … Read more

Applications Of Capacity Sensor In The Brick Factory

Inquiry from brick manufacturer Measure the material in the raw material tank. Consolidation of heterogeneous forms: consolidation of stone powder, ash and slag from power plants, sand, iron and steel, industrial solids, construction … The environment is exposed to a lot of dirt and impurities Temperature at measuring point Accurately detect remaining or out of … Read more

Pr electronics Seri3000 Manual

PR electronics is a family-owned company founded in 1974.With a history of more than 40 years. PR Electronics design and produce signal conditioning (interface) devices for the process industry within temperature, I.S. interfaces, panel meters, signal isolators and converters. Our integrated development and manufacturing campus is located in Rønde near Aarhus, Denmark. We sell our … Read more

Industrial Control Valve

What is control valve? Control valve is a kind of industrial valve. Used in factories producing and processing products. Valves are opened and closed automatically electrically or pneumatically based on control signals. The valve can receive an on/off control signal or a proportional linear signal. With proportional linear signals, normally in industry and automation we … Read more

Pressure Sensor, Structure And Operation Principle

What is a pressure sensor? Define: A pressure sensor is an electronic device that converts a pressure signal to an electrical signal, typically used for pressure measurement or pressure related applications. Working principle: The principle of operation of the pressure sensor is similar to that of other sensors as it requires a source of pressure … Read more

What Is A Signal Converter?

WHAT IS A SIGNAL CONVERTER? Currently, in the digital age, there are many modern devices with specialized features born. Each device has its own built-in signal. So how can multiple devices work seamlessly together? To simplify that problem, the signal converter was born as an answer. So what are signal converters, what features do they … Read more

New Products UWT

NEW PRODUCTS UWT   UWT  is one of the world’s leading manufacturers with state-of-the-art measuring technology. With familiar solids level measurement lines such as: Point level measurement: Rotary paddle  RN3000, RN4000, RN6000 Vibration (VN1000, VN2000 VN4000, VN5000, VN6000, MN4000) Capacitive (CN4000, RF3000) Continuous level measurement: Electromechanical lot system with NB3000, NB4000. Radar sensor NR3000. Over … Read more

Importance Of Drying Ovens Temperature Control

Drying ovens are used a lot in manufacturing fields, drying ovens usually have 2 main components, namely the heating part (Heater) and the place to store dried products (Drying room), depending on the form, product, field. The area where the heating element can be located directly or outside the drying chamber is suitable for the … Read more