New Products UWT



UWT  is one of the world’s leading manufacturers with state-of-the-art measuring technology. With familiar solids level measurement lines such as:

Point level measurement:

  • Rotary paddle  RN3000, RN4000, RN6000
  • Vibration (VN1000, VN2000 VN4000, VN5000, VN6000, MN4000)
  • Capacitive (CN4000, RF3000)

Continuous level measurement:

  • Electromechanical lot system with NB3000, NB4000.
  • Radar sensor NR3000.

Over the past decades, UWT has continuously researched the market, customer needs and developed key product lines. At present, UWT has successfully researched and produced capacitive level measurement lines in liquids, officially put on the market on January 1, 2019, marking and affirming that UWT has perfected itself, become a comprehensive supplier of point level measurement, continuous level measurement. It can be said that the UWT level measuring product meets all the needs of customers for level measurement regardless of the fluid or material to be measured.

Four new product:

  • Compact design, suitable for small installation space
  • Standard signal connection, worldwide use
  • High temperature fluctuation range, suitable for many use environments: from -40=>400 degrees C
  • Withstand pressure up to 35 Bar
  • Measures conductive and non-conductive liquids, liquids with a viscous consistency such as oil, measures the surface of a mixture of 2 liquids such as water and oil, measures foams such as beer, soap, and measures adhesive solutions such as honey. bees and measure solids.

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