Solution MeasurePressure Control in Hydraulics


  • What is hydraulic system?Is a form of transmission by hydraulic oil acting on actuators such as cylinders, hydraulic motors or one-way opening and closing valves, etc.
  • Where is the application?Almost all applications in light industry as well as heavy industry or in marine, petroleum, robotics, agricultural machinery…
  • Advantages ?
    Precise controllability
    Start with high torque
    Smooth operation even when reversing.
    Easy force adjustment
    Drive with great power.
  • Defect ?
    Environmental pollution.
    Danger of fire and explosion.
    Dangerous when the pressure exceeds the safe level.
  •  Hydraulic pressure is very large during operation and always circulates in the system. If there is a small incident, the consequences will be huge. Therefore, the selection of equipment to monitor and protect the system is an important issue in the hydraulic system.Realizing this problem, we would like to offer 3 optimal solutions for this system:
  • Working principle of the system:1. Pressure switch DS5 combined with BD sensor P6 display and setting unit The pressure switch DS5 will be mounted directly on the hydraulic pipe and display the pipe parameter on the screen P6.

    An output signal is PNP normally closed or normally open used as a signal to control the hydraulic pump.
    Option 1 can add output for system safety alarm.


  • High precision.
  • Fast response time.
  • Easy to set the oil pressure threshold.
  • Compact device for easy installation.
  • Has LED digital display

2. Pressure sensor BD 26.600 with display  PR 4131

Pressure sensor BD 26.600 will measure hydraulic oil pressure through controller and display PR 4131 with 2 relays.

  • 1 relay is used as a signal to control the opening and closing of the pump
  • 1 relay can set upper or lower limit of pressure for safety warning.


  • High precision
  • Fast response time
  • Has LED digital display
  • Can be used in fire-safe environments.
  • Does not generate sparks like a normal pressure switch
  • Limit the risk of overvoltage affecting operating structures and people.

3. SUKU Type 3512 contact pressure gauge

The meter will be mounted directly on the hydraulic pipe and will display the pipe pressure parameter along with the 2 contacts of the meter that will be used as a control signal for the pump system and the safety limit of the pump. system or low pressure alarm.


  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Withstands harsh environments.

In this, with 1 in 3 sets of equipment above is very simple but also indispensable in hydraulic systems.

Below is the price information as well as some basic parameters of the above product set for your convenience:

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