Applications Of Capacity Sensor In The Brick Factory

  1. Inquiry from brick manufacturer
  • Measure the material in the raw material tank.
  • Consolidation of heterogeneous forms: consolidation of stone powder, ash and slag from power plants, sand, iron and steel, industrial solids, construction …
  • The environment is exposed to a lot of dirt and impurities
  • Temperature at measuring point
  • Accurately detect remaining or out of ingredients
  1. Solution: Use capacitive solids level sensor – measurement and control.
  • Advantage : Capacitive sensor can work accurately with any kind of solids
  • Capacitive solids level sensor (UWT- Germany) has a simple design, solid sensing material and stable operation.
  • Common types of capacitive sensors have two types of connections: threaded. The capacitive sensor section has standard sizes of 155mm, 160mm, 190mm.
  • The principle of operation of the capacitive sensor is very simple. When powered, the sensor will output a signal when the measuring point is touched, the sensor will report a relay signal. Based on that know the level of whether has passed beyond the installation position of the sensor. Therefore, we want to know whether the material is full or empty just install the level sensor at the top and bottom of the silo.
  1. Germany UWT capacitive level sensor
  • To ensure quality we should choose European firms. One of the world’s leading level sensor brands, UWT- Germany sensor can now meet most of the above requirements.
  • With the advantage of being a brand that specializes only in level sensors, UWT has many years of experience, standard products and extremely high durability. UWT is a perfect choice for customers.
  1. Specific product selection and capacitive sensor installation

Viet Nhat would like to offer two types of UWT sensor CN4020 and CN4030 with the following basic parameters:

  • Power supply: 21 .. 230 V AC; 20 .. 40 V DC
  • Output type: PNP or Relay DPDT
  • Available in probe and rod form
  • Working temperature: -20…+180 degrees Celsius
  • Protection level: IP66
  • Connection thread: G1”; G1 ½”; NPT 1 ”;NPT 1 ”
  • Sensor material: PPS
  • Origin: UWT / Germany


Storage silos are usually very large in size. Therefore, to ensure the accuracy of the sensor, we should choose an appropriate installation location. Level sensors can be installed from the top of the silo or on the side of the silo as shown above. Because the capacitive sensor acts as a detection sensor. So depending on the purpose of our use, we need to report where to install the sensor in the appropriate position.

The output of the sensor is the signal to switch on and off the relay. We can use it to switch off lights, warning horns or shut off valves, engines, etc. That’s why the capacitive sensor is also known as an ON/OFF sensor or full alarm.

Currently, Viet Nhat is the official and exclusive distributor of UWT products in Vietnam market, in addition to the above 2 types of level sensors, Viet Nhat also provides other types of sensors such as:

  • Capacitive level sensor
  • Vibration level sensor
  • Rotary Paddle level sensor
  • Ultrasonic wave level sensor.
  • Radar level sensor.
  • Solids level sensor.
  • Liquid level sensor.
  • Thickness level sensor.
  • Versatile level sensor.
  • Point level sensor.
  • Continuous level sensor.

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