Pressure Sensor- DMP 336/BD sensor

DMP 336 pressure transmitter for hydrogen and technical gases

As the field for hydrogen-powered vehicles and devices continues to grow, so does the need for hydrogen-compatible pressure sensors to safely monitor for common uses such as dispensing and archive.

Hydrogen is commonly used as an alternative natural source in:

  • Forklifts & Forklifts
  • Power output
  • Commercial vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.)
  • Car

Hydro gas has the Difficulty when it comes to pressure sensors that need to be considered when choosing the correct sensor configuration. The concern about the common sensor variable in hydrogen applications is the phenomenon of hydrogen osmosis.

Hydrogen osmosis occurs when hydrogen atoms (H2) split into two separate hydrogen ions (H+). This separation is usually under high pressure and high temperature. These hydrogen ions are small enough to pass through the thin metal film molecular structure of the sensor causing a deterioration in the mechanical properties of the sensor film metal.

The DMP336 is Bdsensor’s line of pressure sensors for Hydrogen designed to overcome the disadvantages of hydrogen application.

Membrane using 316L stainless steel

Hydrogen pressure gauge

Hydrogen is compressed at high pressure, usually 350 -700 bar The DMP 336 is designed with a wide measuring range from 0…1000 bar.

Industrial applications

With an output signal of 4…20mA, it is easy to transmit over long distances and especially with the EX -ia option, it can be used safely in explosive and dusty areas.

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