Control Silo Monitoring By Bluetooth Technology

In industry, silo level monitoring is no stranger to manufacturing plants such as cement, bricks, animal feed, etc. For silos, hoppers, tanks, tanks … installed far from the control center, the signal wire to the processor at the center to monitor many problems such as cost, signal interference, difficult to install.

The level sensors, temperature sensors do not usually have a built-in display or sensor display installed on high altitudes or locations that are difficult to monitor.

Instead of operators have to climb to the high places where installation to monitor. This is dangerous for the operator to use and takes a long time.

The solution combines signal converter 4114 to receive multi input signals such as 4-20mA, RTD signal, TC … and bluetooth display 4512 of PRelectronic from Denmark to help operators without climbing. In order to monitor the data level or the temperature in the tank from less 25m, through mobile device, ipad we can monitor and control the measuring device easily.

Just need free PPS software running on Android, iOS and Browser version, easy to install and use to monitor tank level, temperature, pressure … through PR4114 and PR4512 devices.

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