SUKU Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

Uses: Used to measure pressure in chemicals or liquids, corrosive gases can reduce the life of the meter.

What is SUKU Diaphragm Pressure Gauge?

It is a pressure gauge but has an isolating diaphragm to protect it from corrosive fluids affecting the bourton tube of the meter.

For common diaphragm pressure gauges, the diaphragm has the form of flanges such as suku 5921, suku 6312, etc.

But on the market there are many types of membranes with different shapes, born from the actual needs of customers, SUKU meets most of the requirements even the most difficult.

Some of the most commonly used membranes are as follows:

About the structure of the diaphragm pressure gauge consists of 3 main parts: pressure gauge, connection accessories and diaphragm

Parameters to choose a SUKU diaphragm pressure gauge are similar to other pressure gauges such as:

pressure scale,

Threshold working temperature,

Work environment,

Oil or not,

Dial Diameter,

Membrane type and size of membrane,

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