Heat Transfer Oil Project For Hyosung Company

Control valves are an integral part of many systems. Select a valve device Quality control brings many useful features and advantages. The following are two quite popular valve lines on the market today of KFM – Germany Officially and only distributed by Viet Nhat company (VN TECH group) in Vietnam market Pneumatic control valve This is a valve line that is widely used in demanding environments strict operating safety. Advantages:
  • The ability to respond quickly and almost instantaneously
  • at the same time ensure extremely high accuracy.
  • Valves can be controlled remotely or directly on site
The valve is constructed using a pneumatic actuator, which converts compressed air energy into rotation or reciprocating motion to open and close as required. Another advantage of this product line is There are many different types on the market, meeting the needs of consumers use. Electric control valve Among the control valves, the electric control valve is also one of the Valves receive great love from consumers, Advantages
  • Can be controlled remotely,
  • Slow opening and closing time.
  • When an error occurs, the valve stays in place and can be opened and closed manually toensure safety.
  • Suitable for remote, hard-to-reach, or potentially hazardous locations for human health.
The valve is designed to be used with an electrically controlled motor. When the valve is connected to the power supply and control signal, the valve’s motor will drive to the valve’s shaft, causing the valve to close or open. As with the name control valve, we can open and close the valve ON / OFF or open and close linearly percentage (0…100%) via PID controller.