Upgrade And Improvement Of Fish Oil Silos System C.P Tien Giang

Viet Nhat Technology Company – VN Tech would like to introduce the NG 8100 contact radar liquid level sensor product line.
  • High reliability and stability with anti-counterfeiting features due to foam or adhesive materials.
  • Flexible connection types from WOOD, ¾ NPT and DN25 flanges together with a variety of rod lengths up to 75 meters make new installation or replacement a breeze.
  • The sensor is full of FDA food hygiene, EX fire and safety standards, and SIL2/SIL3
  1. Sensor detects various materials
The NG 8100 sensor series can be installed and used for most liquids, capable of distinguishing two different types of media.
  1. Food standard
Sensors made of materials such as high standard stainless steel (316L / 1.4404) and PEEK help to meet all conditions in areas requiring high hygiene. Especially, this sensor line is FDA certified.
  1. Solution with high stability & reliability, replacing most other types of level measurement
  • Easy installation, monitoring and calibration via display or Hart protocol.
  • Shock & vibration resistant, sturdy aluminum/stainless steel housing, IP68 . water resistant
  • Withstand high pressure and temperature.
  • No maintenance required.