Monitoring And Controling The Disel Oil And Water Resistance Series On The Thien Ung Vung Tau Drilling

Among the types of continuous water level sensors, the hydrostatic pressure continuous level sensor has the lowest cost.

Continuous water level sensor by hydrostatic pressure method has the same principle as differential pressure water level sensor. There is a slight difference that the sensor body is dropped inside the liquid tank.

The sensor measures the pressure difference between the pressure applied to the sensor membrane and the actual pressure outside. It is this pressure difference that helps us to know the level inside the tank.

And especially, BDsensor has developed the LMK 458 sensor line for measurement applications for the marine industry.

LMK 458 with the following advantages:

  • Made of highly corrosion resistant stainless steel with a ceramic sensor membrane.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 125oC
  • Highly resistant to overvoltage
  • Able to work in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Meet fire and safety standards in the fuel industry.
  • With certificates for the transportation industry such as: ABS, VB, CCS, DNV, GS, LR
  • Easy to install, low error, high stability.