Welcome to Viet Nhat Company Ltd. (VN TECH) 
VN TECH Company was established in 2009. VN TECH Company is always proud of that, We are the leading companies in Vietnam specializes in the instruments, control and monitoring. Besides that , We also provides solutions for data recorder and monitoring of materials into and out of the oil depot, animal feed factory, flour milk factory,  ….
Products and services of the VN TECH Company has been satisfied for the many customers in field industrials  such as 
- Food & beverage, Brewery, Milk, Sugar, Coffee, ... 
- Pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paper, cement, steel, .. 
- Oil and Gas, Power plant, Shipbuilding, .. 
- Textile, Packaging, ceramic tiles, plastic, glass, ... 
- Water and Wastewater, .. 
VN TECH Company is the  authorized representative of the all the suppliers  from Europe: 
- KFM / Germany specializes in linear valves (proportional valves) for fluids: hot water, saturated steam, heat transfer oil 
- UWT / Germany specializing in solids level measurement 
- ACS / Germany specialized in flow and level measurement for liquid. 
- H.Heinz / Germany specializes in measuring temperature and humidity.
- Rechner Sensors  / Germany specializing in proximity sensors.
- SUKU / Germany specialized in pressure gauges and thermometer.
- BD Sensors / Germany specializing in pressure transmitter, Level probe,..
- PR Electronic / Denmark specializing in signal converter.
- Airwork/Italy specializing in Pneumatic equipment
All the staff of VN TECH Company have many experiences  and annual training from the Suppliers about  advanced technologies and new applications, So that VN TECH Company There is not only supply a product and the best service, Besides we also consult the optimal technical solution for the clients. VN TECH Company always keep four things: