Wastewater treatment plant                          

See where and how PR devices can be used in a wastewater treatment plant

                  - 11 ways to make your process control safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

1. Reverse osmosis - isolation / signal splitting

Water App 1B Drawing 

2. Multimedia filter - isolation / conversion

Water App 2B Drawing

3. Clarified water storage tank - level alarms

Water App 3B Drawing

4. Soft water tank - galvanic isolation 

Water App 4B Drawing

5. WAC DC softeners - linearization 

Water App 5B Drawing

6. Filter press building - noise isolation

Water App 6B Drawing


7. Sludge holding tank - level measurement

Water App 7B Drawing

8. Chemical softening system - level measurement

Water App 8B Drawing

9. Water recycle tank - level measurement

Water App 9B Drawing

10. Forced draft degasification - level measurement

Water App 10B Drawing

11. Influent line - flow measurement

Water App 11B Drawing

Source: http://www.prelectronics.com/industries/water-and-wastewater/application-examples-wastewater-plant/influent-line