The challenge

Our customer is part of a major, well known worldwide corporation. In Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan alone the corporation has 16 cement plants as well as mixing plants and quarries. As part of a capital reinvestment programme, our customer requested level control technology for their vessels containing hot material which is processed from the cement mill.

Our solution

By installing the UWT rotating paddle switch ROTONIVO® RN3000 in this application, the solution is found – even at a process temperature from +250° up to +600°C. The robust and reliable unit is maintenance-free and fulfills the claim of “Install and Forget”.


With the following products our customer has solved this measurement task optimally: RN 3004 Horizontal Tube Extension

Full, Demand, Empty Detector
Protection tube version

  • Horizontal, vertical and diagonal installation.

  • Extremely robust due to protection tube, able to withstand heavy mechanical load.