The challenge

Our customer required continous level measurement in several storage silos for carbon black which is used for the production of tyres. The particular challenge of this application is the extremely dusty environment, the low density of the carbon black and its stickiness.

Our solution

The UWT lot NB3000, NB4000 fulfills the extreme demands of this application. The specially constructed sensor weight with a folding parachute cover prevents the sensor from sinking into the material and the integrated tape cleaner prevents strong contamination of the inner chamber. The NB3200 provides an exact and reliable measurement result. Neither strong dust development inside the silo, nor caking, nor the soft surface of the carbon black level adversely influence the UWT lot NB3200 measurement.


With the following products our customer has solved this measurement task optimally: NB4000, NB 3000

Continuous Level Measurement

  • Suitable for use in most bulk materials.

  • Integrated tape cleaner to remove aherent materials.

  • Mounting with threaded or flange connection.

  • Measuring range up to 50m.

  • Convenient level monitoring via Modbus interface together with cost competitive Nivotec 3500/4500/4600.